🎉 Nylas Mail is now free!

Introducing Nylas Basic and 20x faster sync performance

Michael Grinich
5 min readJan 17, 2017


Hey folks! Michael here, co-founder and CEO of Nylas. Today I’ve got some exciting news to share with you:

  1. 💅 Nylas N1 has been renamed Nylas Mail and has a new icon.
  2. 🆕 Today we are launching a free version of Nylas Mail called Nylas Basic.
  3. ⚡ We rebuilt the core Nylas sync engine and it’s 20x faster. Nylas Mail is now blazing fast at everything you do.
Pro Tip: Start downloading while you read! 👍

🚀 Introducing Nylas Basic

Today we are launching Nylas Basic — a completely free version of Nylas Mail. Our team spent the past several months rebuilding our sync engine from scratch. The result? A novel hybrid architecture that syncs your mail 20x faster. Everything in Nylas Mail is now lightning fast, and your mail should appear within seconds of connecting any account.

Nylas Basic combines industry-leading power features with a simple, delightful experience and beautiful UI.

The Basic edition of Nylas Mail will remain free forever.

It provides a simplified email experience along with several powerful features:

  • Enriched contact profiles
  • Undo send
  • Unified inbox with support for unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited customizable signatures
  • Quick reply templates
  • Translation
  • Multi-language spellcheck
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Quick emoji
  • Built on the ElectronJS platform and open source on GitHub. 💌

🎨 Beautiful themes

Want a change of scene? Nylas Mail comes with several gorgeous themes and there are dozens more created by developers around the world.

Check out themes inspired by Slack, Google Inbox, Mailbox, Ubuntu, and even Polymail.

Check out the full list of themes on GitHub.

Coming soon in Nylas Basic: snoozing, reminders, and more…

We will continue to port limited versions of Nylas Pro features to Nylas Basic including… snoozing, reminders, send later, and mail merge. Stay tuned!

✅ Vote for new Nylas Mail plugins!

What type of plugins do you want most? Box or Dropbox? Asana or Trello? Greenhouse or Lever?

You can vote for feature ideas by adding the “👍” reaction on our GitHub page. Here’s an example request for integration with Lever. (Make sure to search before creating a new request.)

And if you’re a developer, check out the example plugins and start building yourself! Nylas Mail is an open source platform and it’s now free for anyone to use.

💪 Upgrade to Nylas Pro, the most powerful email client ever built

Do you work in sales, marketing, customer support, recruiting, BD, legal, HR, or finance? If so, it’s likely you live in your inbox every day and email is a big part of how you get things done.

We built Nylas Pro for power users who are looking for more features and functionality to optimize their workflows. Pro includes unlimited use of reminders, snoozing, mail merge, tracking, and dozens of premium features including our Salesforce CRM integration.

Upgrading to Pro will enable you to focus on what matters, automate repetitive tasks, and ultimately get more done. See more details on our pricing page.


In terms of the technology, what is new with Nylas Basic?

Previous versions of Nylas Mail (formerly Nylas N1) exclusively used the Nylas Cloud to sync mail, calendar, and contacts. This strategy allowed us to innovate quickly on our core sync technology while building on a modern API.

In the past several months, we redesigned the sync engine in Nylas Basic from the ground-up. It’s now powered by a hybrid sync engine that connects directly to your mail provider (Gmail, Office365, Fastmail, etc.). Some features — such as open/link tracking, snoozing, and reminders — still require cloud operations, but the large majority of sync operations no longer require backend services.

This was a huge undertaking with thousands upon thousands of lines of code modified and added. We’re excited to share more details soon on our engineering blog. If you’d like to be notified, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.

Is Nylas Mail open source?

Yep! You can find the code on GitHub, and it’s still GPL.

Where are the Windows and Linux downloads?

We’re still working out a few bugs in the Windows and Linux builds. They’ll be ready in a couple weeks.

I used a coupon to get a year free when you launched Nylas Pro last year. How does the pricing change affect me?

After your free year expires, you’ll be upgraded to the standard Nylas Pro subscription at $12 per month, billed annually. (You can of course downgrade any time before this and switch to Nylas Basic, which is free.)

Does Nylas Basic support all mail providers?

Today’s release supports Gmail/G Suite, Office365, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud, and FastMail. Full support for self-hosted Microsoft Exchange servers is coming soon.

How can I build on the Nylas Developer Platform?

We provide two great platforms for integrating your app with email, calendar, and contacts:

  1. Nylas Cloud APIs
    Need to integrate your web app with email, calendar, and contacts? Nylas Cloud is a modern set of REST APIs that make it incredibly easy to add email syncing to your product. Great for CRMs, recruiting tools, and nearly any B2B SaaS product! For more details, check out the full Nylas Cloud API docs.
  2. Nylas Mail SDK
    With a powerful and extensible plugin architecture, nearly anyone can create new features to run within Nylas Mail using our modern React/ES6 developer SDK. Check out the full list of example plugins here and full documentation here.

Are you hiring?

Yes! 😀 See our open positions or just email jobs@nylas.com.

You can find me on Twitter here.



Michael Grinich